Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cartoon Network is back on Multichoice/MTN Mobile TV trial

Multichoice has brought back Cartoon Network as part of its Mobile TV line up. Baby is very happy about that, and this weekend she made sure we took my cellphone wherever we went.

There was also less conflict in the house about TV programming; I could watch my choice of TV programming while she watched cartoons.

By the way, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa ( the regulator) recently licensed four more pay-V broadcasters, with Multichoice as the fifth. The broadcasters can deliver transmissions through satellite or the Internet.

This development opens up the South African TV industry and should make for new opportunities for writers providing both children’s programming and other types of content.

Most players in the ICT industry say there’s a strong need for local content in South Africa for both broadcasting and the Internet. I wonder if local writers and producers are aware of this, and what they plan to do to take advantage of these opportunities.

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