Saturday, September 15, 2007

A quiet spring Saturday

After the past couple of weeks of hectic travelling, it's a relief to spent a quiet Saturday at home, with nothing planned.

I spent most of the day catching up with errands including emails. Baby made potato chips and warmed up chicken for lunch.

She insists it’s time she learnt to go beyond making a green salad or sandwich for a meal. I had to promise not to interfere, especially when she carved out large chunks out of potatoes and called it peeling:-).

Baby also decided to clean the house, moving beds and side tables and sweeping underneath. She also changed the table cloths, rearranged my shoes and books etc. I have a daily helper and the house looked fine, but Baby insisted she had to do it.

She also practiced her reading of The Band, a poem by C.J. Dennis. She's part of a group performing the poem at a cultural event this coming Tuesday.

I also did some writing, mostly for the Lieurance-King Article Challenge. I now have 18 articles live, and submitted 5 more at Ezine Articles. The aim of the challenge is to publish 30 articles in article directories by the end of September, so you can drive traffic to your web site or blog.

I’m driving most of the traffic to ITWeb, but traffic is also picking up on this blog. I recently learnt that the benefits of article marketing are mostly realised once you have over 200 articles out in directories, available to publishers to use at will. In total I have 38 articles at Ezine Articles, so I still have a long way to go.

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