Sunday, September 02, 2007

Getting ready for action

Baby and I went for an early morning walk in the park. I’d forgotten it was the annual Spring Fair in our suburb, so we had some tea while we watched the vendors set up for the day.

It was somewhat relaxing to sit on the bench around 7.30 while joggers and dog-walkers went past.

There were also a number of parents with kids and dogs, clamouring to go on the pony rides or paint their faces. I didn’t do a lot of writing – mostly caught up with Baby, prepared her for the new term and Spring ( yes we went shopping).

She read the some of the children's stories I wrote in her absence, and was not happy with the ending in "The Frog Princess" and "The Tortoise and the Baboon Plant Fruit Trees." She says The Frog Princess ends too abruptly. The Sipho character should release the frog princess, have her attempt to take over the throne and be exposed for what she is. Not a bad idea, but a longer story than I started with.

As for The Tortoise and the Baboon Plant Fruit Trees, she says there is no justice in the story. We decided the Baboon should climb the tree again to pick more of the tortoise fruit and fall, breaking a leg. Then he will need help from the Tortoise, and have to learn a lesson about sharing and helping others.

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