Saturday, September 01, 2007

Spring Day; Baby's Arrival

Jo’burg started partying today. It’s was wonderful Spring Day – the sky was clear, the sun shining and there was a breeze providing some cool. Just the kind of weather begging you to have a braai (barbecue).

I was invited to one or two for this afternoon, but I couldn’t accept. Baby’s plane was to land at around 14h00 but they were very late.

That’s what I dislike about el cheapo airlines. As one acquaintance quipped, some airlines you travel with them just one time, and then you never do so again. (Hehe! I’m sure my South African readers know which airline I'm talking about.)

Baby is happy to be home. Patting the bed, she indicated I should sit next to her. "Let's do the bonding thing," she said.

I think she was a bit put out to realise I was fine in the month she was away, and did have some interesting stories to tell. Isn't it strange that sometimes kids think a parent's life stops in their absence? "How could you have fun without me?" she asked.

"Just because you enjoyed your Durban visit and love spending time with your bio mother doesn't mean you don't love me. It just means you enjoyed your visit. By the same token, my having fun doesn't mean I didn't miss you."

I don't know if that home truth sank in.

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