Thursday, September 27, 2007

I wanted to go on an elephant ride

This is going to be a very short post.

Our stay at Sun City was great; pity about the lousy weather. "This is not Sun City, it's Rainy City," Baby complained.

But she didn't let cloudy weather stop her from learning how to surf, then chasing the waves.

I mostly baked in the weak sun, took a ride on the "lazy river" running around the Valley of the Waves and read a novel.

I'll write a post or two about the Sun City trip in the coming days. Our adventures included meeting a number of monkeys which were rummaging through the garbage can, learning how to hula and to a vertical climb rock, chasing man-made waves and watching live surfer demonstrations.

I wanted to go on an elephant ride, and failing that, learn to do some horse-back riding. But I had trouble dragging Baby out of the water long enough for her to even eat. Maybe next time I will go on the elephant ride.

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