Monday, September 24, 2007

Fluffy Entertainment: Bratz–The Movie, Going to A Man-Made Beach

Baby and I went to see Bratz – The Movie. Many of the reviews I read before we went to see the movie completely trashed it, but we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Yes, it is as fluffy as I expected, but is it what it is – movie candy and nothing else. Baby had fun, and if she's pleased and laughing at the right moments, I’m pleased.

Critically speaking though, I wish South African content producers could learn to package content as slickly as Bratz- The Movie was packaged. We don't want to ape Hollywood, but we can learn a lot from that industry so our stories have as much youth appeal as possible.

If we don't make an effort to appeal to the masses, we lose the kids anyway, whether we tell meaningful stories or not. And then we complain that they read too many international books, watch too many movies out of Hollywood and lack an appreciation of the home-brewed content.

The Valley of the Waves

Baby and I spent most of the evening packing for Spring Break. The event is taking place at the Valley of the Waves at Sun City, in the North West Province of South Africa.

The resort is in the Pilanesberg region and only a short distance from the Pilanesberg Game Reserve, one of the largest parks in southern Africa, and about 150 kilometres from Johannesburg. We're going to drive through Phokeng to get there, and I'm planning a quick stop at home to say hi to my mother before we drive the final 35 kilometres of the trip.

I did some research to find out if there are some interesting legends and folktales associated with the Pilanesberg area. But the only tale I could find is the ridiculous legend of the lost city, which I think is a marketing ploy to explain the naming of The Palace of the Lost City, the resort. But I’ll keep digging.

I also read up on the Valley of the Waves. Check out some of the online pics of the place online. Isn’t it weird that we're getting ready to go to the beach even though the ocean is nowhere near that region?

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