Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Invite to “In the Public Interest” on Sunday at 9.30, SABC

Today I'm digressing from my usual blah blah and talking a bit about work-related issues. The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)has invited me to take part in “In the public interest,” a live, current affairs programme taking place on Sunday 23rd at 9.30 morning.

The programme aims to take the media to task over unfair and inaccurate reporting and to debate issues rigorously.

“In light of the recent announcement of the new pay TV channels, we would like to host a debate as to whether there is really a demand for such channels. Can Viewers afford four more Pay TV channels?” the insert producer notes in her brief.

I know I should be happy to be invited to a national, prime time TV programme. I will be..... Maybe....... Once the butterflies in my stomach settle......

Mostly I’m humbled they invited me, and scared I’ll go tongue-tied at the wrong moment. Or worse yet, someone will ask me a question and I’ll forget all the insight I’m supposed to have on SA’s new pay-TV environment.

I have been on TV before. Actually, in another life I was a presenter of a children's programme and later spokesman for a number of non-profit organisations. But that was different - then I was just disseminating information and knew the agenda from the outset.

Researching other people’s views of “In the Public Interest” on the Internet, I came across these articles:

I don’t know if the criticism of the SABC by these articles has merit or not, but it scares me silly.

But I do have to go. It’s a coup for my employer ITWeb Online, and for me personally.

Anyway, wish me luck. And please watch "In the public interest" on Sunday. I'm going to pretend I'm talking to you. I'm sure that'll be good for my nerves.

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