Saturday, November 10, 2007

Baby's self-portrait

Baby's self-portrait done at school.

As I was going through the family's digital album, it was sobering to realise how much Baby has grown. In reality, Baby is no longer much of a baby.

She's a tall strapping girl I can no longer pick up and put to bed.

She is learning how to cook, and has graduated from making quick salads and sandwiches to cooking a full meal (spagetti with mince sauce; chicken curry and rice.

The other day a boy from her school told her he liked her. "I told him I don't like him. He's just a boy... so.. so..."

I was grateful my Baby hadn't grown too much. There's a child yet left in her, and I plan to enjoy as much of her as possible.

Next thing I know she'll be a tween, facing a completely different set of challenges.....

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