Sunday, November 11, 2007

What/Who Influenced Me To Become A Writer

Janet Riehl, of Riehl Life, and I had so much fun guest blogging for each other that we decided to do it again.

So I’ve written a blog post for her, chatting about the stories of my childhood and how they influenced me to become a writer.

The article starts out with the kind of stories my grandfather told, and the lessons we learnt.

It also touches on my father’s love for English literature, and my mother’s ghost stories and legends of communities living in the dam near our house.

If you’ve always wondered who influenced my writing, here’s the short explanation:

But the greatest storyteller who influenced my writing is my mother. She has never written a book; and to my knowledge, doesn’t contemplate writing one. In the beginning she didn’t even understand why I would want to work as a writer. To her, telling stories was what you did to entertain your children; it was not a reliable way to earn a living.

Janet and I don’t have a date yet as to when the post will go up; I’ll let you know as soon as it goes online.

This weekend I was also guest blogger at The Fine Art of Blogging. Blog owner Diogenes was kind enough to invite me back after I’d done two previous posts. Thanks Dio.

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Asghar Javed said...

It is a pleasure to have you there. You have a standing invitation :-)

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