Monday, November 19, 2007

Met some documentary producers through blogging

This past week I was approached by two documentary producers who followed up on issues I raised on my blogs.

One of them was a London-based producer who read my commentary on a social issue and found my viewpoint interesting.

He may end up doing the story or not, and he may ask me for some kind of assistance or not. At this stage, issues with him are pretty much open.

I think this producer’s contact with me shows the opportunities that blogging can provide writers, opening doors they didn't even know exist. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have met this producer, and even if I had valuable information he could use, he wouldn’t have known to find me.

The second contact was from an Irish production company that is in SA for a shoot until next Saturday. They came across my other blog, Mobile Life, (, where I chat about the impact of mobile phones on the way South Africans work, play, learn and communicate. The blog's subject matter interested them enough to email me.

After some back and forth emailing, I’m doing a shoot with them tomorrow afternoon in Soweto.

I don't have guarantees that benefits will come from this interview beyond my 15 minutes or less of "fame."

But it introduces my name to an audience I wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise, to talk about a subject I feel passionate about.

It also means that next time this production company needs someone with my skills set, they know where to find me. And for now, that’s good enough.

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