Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Shoot with the Irish production company went well

The shoot with the Irish production company went very well. The director knew what she was looking for, and the presenter kept our chat casual enough for me to relax.

This was my first outdoor interview. (Only done studio interviews to date). So it was a learning experience.

Like all other inexperienced interview subjects, I was over-prepared. My hope is that out of my “verbal diarrhea” they find something that fits within the story they’re telling. (They are looking for good news stories about SA)

The interview also reminded me why I’ve grown to like blogging. Unlike a documentary or even an interview with a journalist, where my words fit into someone else’s story, blogging gives me the space to tell the story I choose, in my own words, in my way.

Struggle icon Steve Biko’s words, “I write what I like,”have never been truer than they are today through blogging. It’s a very liberating feelingfor a writer.

Might be on the news tonight

I also have a feeling I might make it into the news broadcast tonight. I attended a media briefing, and the camera man spent a lot of time with the lens foussed on me.

He even came closer for a close-up shot. In any case you’re wondering if I’m becoming a celebrity right before your eyes, nope!

The guy was not interested in me in particular. The hero of that particular scene was my laptop, on which I was taking notes during the presentation.

The media briefing was about South African mobility trends in the past year – how we use laptops, mobile phones and wireless internet access.

I suppose my laptop and I were the perfect visual, illustrating the very trend the research and speakers were talking about. Check out my articles and blog posts on the issue at www.itweb.co.za and www.mydigitallife.co.za/mobilelife from the 21 Nov onwards.

Been a slacker lately

Lately I’ve been a slacker when it comes to writing and submitting my children’s stories. But this past weekend I decided to brush up an African language story I wrote some time back and submitted to a publisher. Wish me luck!

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