Tuesday, November 06, 2007

USAASA CEO James Theledi on Why SA Needs to Develop Relevant Local Content For Our Children

I mostly did this video as part of my experiment on my Mobile Life blog. But I couldn't figure out how to load it up on that site, so I brought it here.

James Theledi, CEO of South Africa's Universal Service and Access Agency, was kind enough to be my guinea pig for my first interview using a mobile phone (LG KU990). His agency has the job of ensuring that the poor and disadvantaged also gain access to phones, the Internet and TV/radio services.

Among many issues, some of which I write about here, James and I chatted about the need to develop local content that is relevant for the needs of developing communities.

P.S. This is raw, unedited tape. As soon as I figure out how to edit, the quality will improve.

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