Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Poem Online; Rest In Peace Amos

Sometimes I get so absorbed that I don’t notice things going on around me. I didn’t realize my teenage nephew, Agisanang (aged 18) writes poetry until this past Christmas holiday.

While Baby was playing in his computer, she found the poems. Many were written in collaboration with his friend and schoolmate, Obakeng Phiri.

Today I posted one of the poems, "I Miss You" in my free stories blog. The poem provides a very disturbing look into the feelings of a teen boy. I hope that my nephew does not sound as alone as the poem intimates; that it was a momentary feeling that soon passed.

Over time, I will post more poems. Most of them are love stories, and he and Baby are having fun harmonising them into songs.

Rest in peace, Amos

Meanwhile, a colleague of mine who helped me connect with former Zimbabwean freedom fighter Amos Nobele shared some very bad news with me today. Late last year Amos died in a car accident. He was riding in a taxi when it crashed.

One of the reasons I stopped posting Amos’ story was because I needed additional information from the notes that he provided. My colleague couldn’t get hold of him; and later found out he was dead.

I am however going to finish the rest of the story. There are some gaps in it,but with his passing, I will just have to work around them.I still think that Amos' story has to be told.

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