Thursday, January 10, 2008

Telkom Media Publishes Briefs For Production of Local Content

A couple of months back I reported on this blog that South Africa has licensed four new commercial TV broadcasters, and there will be loads of opportunities for local content providers.

Well, that promise of opportunity is now being realized. One of the broadcasters, Telkom Media, has published its first round of briefs for the production of local content.

I would really like to urge local authors to consider how their existing work can be repurposed for the broadcast medium.

Do you have a series of children’s books which can be turned into a TV series? Do you have fiction and non-fiction concepts that you never fleshed out for print publishing, which might work for other media?

Obviously, book authors may not have experience writing for TV, or even pitching stories for that medium. But that’s how strategic partnerships with people who do have that experience; who can develop killer briefs, come into play.

Maybe it’s because I’m a multi-media journalist, repurposing content for online, print and audio media (sometimes visual too) but I think writers today cannot afford to restrict themselves to just writing books/articles.

So please take the time to read Telkom Media’s brief, think carefully about the content you already have and how it can be repurposed for a different medium, and then get to work.

Note that beyond the specified deadlines, Telkom Media is willing to hold ongoing discussions with local content producers.

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