Friday, February 22, 2008

Reading out loud

Tomorrow morning Baby is taking part in a school arts programme as narrator of her class play. She was thrilled to land the role, which she had to audition for. She even started mumbling about a career in the arts, but I suspect something else will soon grab her attention. Or she’ll go back to wanting to be an accountant. That's what she wanted to do for years after finding out that there were people whose job is to “count money.”

Baby is also taking Zulu and Afrikaans as language subjects, so we’re doing a lot of out-loud reading in those languages. Most days she reads for me while I prepare supper/breakfast.

It’s easier for me to help her with Afrikaans, which I did in high school. I thought I’d forgotten a lot of it. I never had to communicate with anyone in that language after high school (more than 20 years ago), but turns out the little that I know/hear stuck enough to be useful to her.

I’m completely useless when it comes to Zulu though, so we’re learning together on that one. Thankfully, my cottage tenant is Zulu, so Baby can walk over to ask her for help when we get stuck.

We’re also going to try to read as many Zulu readers as we can get hold of, so we can read and practice with them.

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