Monday, February 25, 2008

Sharing some of my Spain experiences

Despite being robbed in Barcelona, my visit to that city to attend the annual Mobile World Congress this February was for the most part very enjoyable.

The conference was very well attended, and I learnt quite a lot about the mobile phone business and how to manage a hectic conference schedule and still enjoy a new city.

I loved Barcelona. The city is beautiful; very friendly for bikers, cyclists and pedestrians out for a walk.

The ordinary citizens were for the most part very kind and helpful, and food at Hotel Catalonia, opposite Fira Barcelona where the conference was held, was worth writing about. But that review will be for another article.

One time I caught a train from Villa Franca Des Penendes, and a busker got on the train and played some rousing music on his accordion.

The train ride from Villa Franca Del Penendes where we stayed to Barcelona takes about 40 minutes.

Most days we travelled by bus shuttle though and the fight through the morning /afternoon traffic took us close to two hours.

Some time in some distant future I would love to return and cycle all over that city in summer. Could be really nice, I think.

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