Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Support Readathon Week

This week is Readathon Week and I hope you have a number of activities planned for your children or school.

Please support the intiative by:

- helping your child's school buy new books
- donating books to your local library
- encouraging your children to read

Here are some activities for kids used by Baby's school that you can also use to encourage your children to love the written word.

I'm going to start with Monday and Tuesday activities in this post, then do the rest for each day of the week.


- Read a cereal box
- Be an author - start writing your book today
- Play charades or any word game


- Buddyread (share a book with a buddy)
- Read a cartoon
-Write or draw your own cartoon
- play consequences or I went shopping
- Win a book ( the school is running a lucky draw)

Daily: sustained silent reading

1 comment:

Janet Grace Riehl said...


I love these simple ways to promote reading...cereal boxes, yes!

I've tagged you for a "getting to know you" meme. Play if you find it fun.

Janet Riehl

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