Friday, March 07, 2008

6 Things To Do When You Can’t Blog

It feels strange not having a laptop to write/blog on at home, and having to rely on my work machine to get everything else done. To those who don’t know, I lost my laptop a couple of weeks ago when I was robbed while on a business trip.

1. Do Admin Work

In my case, it meant standing in queues at home affairs and my banks to apply for new ID and passport applications, bank debit and credits cards and calling laptop vendors to get quotations.

It was interesting to note that the policeman who signed my sworn affidavit about the robbery didn’t actually read it or ask to see the Spanish police’s report. I don’t know if he was supposed to, but I kept thinking” he’s signing a document he doesn’t know what it says.”

2. Do Some Physical Labour

The break has given me time to rest and be with family and friends. I’ve also cleaned out my house, moving furniture, throwing out old stuff.

I also cleaned out the yard and prepared my vegetable garden for planting.

3. Write Stories By Hand

I’ve also started writing stories by hand on a notebook, so I don’t lose some good ideas. The problem is that I type faster than I can write, so I have to make some adjustments. But it feels good to see the notes growing everyday.

Let’s some of the stuff will eventually make it to print.

4. Run/Walk For Charity

Yesterday I walked in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. The course is only 5.6 km and I managed to finish it in 1 hour 34 seconds.

It was a bit of a challenge, especially after the first kilometre. My legs were fine, but I thought my lungs were going to fall out. Thanks Angie for the encouragement and for staying with me even when I croaked “Go! I’ll catch up with you later.” After that first challenge, I got my second wind and just flew over the rest of the course.

The benefits for taking part in the race are many-fold. Proceeds go to charity, I kick-started my luke-warm exercise programme and I had fun hanging out with colleagues and other corporate masochists.

5. Attend A Concert

Last Friday a friend of mine and I attended Celine Dion’s Concert at the Montecasino and I was completely enthralled.

The show kept getting better as the evening wore on and eventually I stood up and danced a couple of times. Thanks to Cell C for making this enjoyable evening possible.

6. Read A New To You Author

Most of the time my reading is regimented between reading for work, reading for reviews and reading authors I like. It’s hard to keep up with that reading schedule, so I rarely look for new authors ( actively).

For the past couple of weeks I’ve dne so, and found I was missing quite a bit. I also did a couple of reviews that I’ll type out and post in due course.

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