Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Donating books

Baby’s class is collecting books, to be donated to another, less privileged school. So we can packed up most of her early readers, and some of the books I've reviewed on this blog.

It was a big pile, and the exercise got me thinking: many families have unused children’s books sitting on shelves, or even packed up and put in garages.

Sometimes the books eventually are used by the next generation. But most simply gather dust, or get torn and have to be thrown out.

So my request to everyone who reads this post is this: please pack up all the books your family is no longer using.

That may be books your children outgrew, or books that you didn’t like as much as you hoped when you bought them. Take out the damaged ones and make a decision about whether you’ll repair them or throw them away.

Sort the rest of the books according to:

  1. Books that you love and have to keep
  2. Books that have personal meaning for you or your child ( maybe it was a birthday present from Grandpa)
  3. Space fillers- there’s nothing wrong with the book, but it does not resonate with your family

Box the pile in the third category and donate it to a school nearby, or to the local library. This gives the books a new lease on life, and allows many more people to enjoy and benefit from them.

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