Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Planning to work from home

One of the reasons I blogged sporadically for the past six months is that there were major developments in my writing life and I did not feel comfortable about sharing them yet.

But now it’s official: starting 1 July I will no longer work for ITWeb as a fulltime journalist and plan to work from home as a writer and author.

This does not mean that I’m leaving the ICT industry altogether. In fact, I plan to spend the bulk of my work time writing for companies and publications in that arena. My focus remains telecommunications as a starting point, with a strong interest in mobile telecoms.

I already have ICT-related work lined up, so the security element is taken care of. I also hope to continue writing for ITWeb on a freelance basis.

A couple of PR companies handling multinational IT companies have also expressed interest when they found out that I was leaving my current employer. So all in all, my schedule should remain full right from the beginning.

Books, books, books

I also plan to increase my creative writing output – that is, write and publish more children's books and non-fiction books.

I've sent out a proposal for a non-fiction book to a trusted reader so she can evaluate it before I polish it and start sending it out to potential publishers.

I've also started working on my second book proposal. I expect it will be an ebook, and will be targeted at a specific niche market.

I’m happy with all these developments, and them as my next growth point as a writer. I also look forward to not having to wake up at dawn so I can avoid morning traffic snarls.

I look forward to having the time to exercise, or take the puppies for a walk before I begin my work day. I also look forward to being home when Baby comes in from school.

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