Friday, June 20, 2008

The handover is bittersweet

The handover process is bittersweet. There's a part of me that's raring to get started on my commissioned work.

These include a profile of someone who's work I was aware of, but never had a good enough excuse to interview, and a story for an anthology by an international publisher.

But yesterday there were two major developments in my beat (telecoms). I'm happy with the individual taking over where I'm leaving off. She has already doing an excellent job, and has a good grasp of the issues. Most importantly, she is interested in the issues.

But she was so excited by the developments, I couldn't help but feel a twinge because I'm leaving.

We spent an hour reading a legal document most people would have dismissed as dull, giggling over the implications, and working out who to interview.

Yes I know, both of us are complete nerds getting excited over regulations, but it was wonderful working through the document. It reminded me why I loved writing about the ICT industry in the first place, and why I will continue to do so on a freelance basis.

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