Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Looking for publisher of African language poetry collection

Neo Motshumi, one of my oldest and closest friends phoned me to say she has written a collection of Setswana poems and asked me to help her find a publisher.

“Is there a market for a Setswana poem collection?” she asked.

I didn't know for sure.

I've known Neo for almost twenty years, back when she was in Grade 7. She's a good artist and an aspiring designer (clothing). But I didn't know she was also a writer/poet.

So, I suggested that she visit the web site of the Publishers Association of South Africa (http://www.publishsa.co.za/test.php) which has a directory of publishers including information on the kind of material they publish.

I also suggested that she explore the blog of the SCWBI Gauteng http://scbwigauteng.blogspot.com/ and follow some of the links to interesting sites. I don't know if tyhe SCWBI in South Africa has a KwaZulu Natal chapter, but I suggested that she find out. ( She's based in Durban)

I also suggested she contact the Stories Across Africa Project. I don't know if they would still accept editorial submissions for their anthologies, but I thought they might also make a good point of contact. So I sent her their contact details.

Later this week I’m going to post a couple of her poems, on my http://freeafricantales.blogspot.com blog, so she can have some kind of online presence.

23 July update

My friend sent the poems through some weeks back, and I posted them here



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Looking for publisher

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