Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pizza in my head

Since May, I’ve been on a “no wheat, dairy, processed foods, salt and spices” eating plan because of health issues. And for the most part I’ve adapted to the new lifestyle.

But there are days, like this morning, when I would dearly love to eat something sinful: like the new triple-decker pizza on the flyer Debonairs dropped into my mailbox this morning.

Eish, man! I should be writing, not fantasising about pizza.

25 July Update: Many thanks to the relatives, friends and acquaintances who sent me recipes, suggested menus and recommended cookbooks. I did manage to resist the pizza as I tried out the recipes:-)

2 August Update: Came across a membership site called E-Cookbooks Library. For a one-time fee of $19.97, users are given a unique password/user name combination and the location of the library.

They can then download as many cookbooks as they want, and can return at any time throughout their lifetime to get more cookbooks.

My plan is to work through the cookbooks, trying out the recipes that use ingredients I'm allowed to use. That should provide me with enough variety, I think.

P.S. I also registered as an affiliate for the E-Cookbooks Library. This means that if you buy the membership, I get 50% commission of your sale. So if you decide to buy the membership, please use my link?

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