Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Catching up with friends

Sharon ( buried in the sand) started out as a friend of my younger sister, while they were at varsity.

But we liked her so much she grew to be family. We knew she regarded the Senne family in the same way when she arrived without my sister (who was still at school writing exams) during the June holidays, and chirped :"Dumela Mma. I'm home!"

Anyway, I haven't spoken to her in about two months, and was very disturbed when I phoned to find out that she's been down with a very bad flu for about a month.

So today's post in dedicated to her, to wish her well. "And don't let illness bury your natural optimism!"

Still on the theme of friends, Janet Grace Riehl (www.riehlife.com), an American writer friend I met on the Internet, is coming to Southern Africa and will make a stopover in South Africa to spend some time with me and my family.

She will be accompanied by her friend, writer and visual artists Annette R. Crymes (http://www.arcrymes.com/).

We are looking forward to the visit, and with luck, there will be a wedding or party at home in Phokeng (www.bafokeng.com) I can take them to, so they can experience a traditional African celebration.

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Janet Grace Riehl said...


Annette and I are so looking forward to this portion of our trip.

Thank you for welcoming us so warmly.

I'm just now preparing some posts on Riehlife about my thoughts and feelings about the upcoming trip.

Janet Riehl

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