Thursday, July 03, 2008

Stories that talk 2

The producers of HEARTLINES ( are in the process of compiling STORIES THAT TALK 2, the read-aloud book that accompanies the multimedia series.

The stories will cover book will have a range of stories aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 13. A friend of mine sent me an invitation to submit a story, and the specifications sound like something that fits in with my creative vision.

"We are looking for stories about values in action, good stories first and foremost – that show children taking action, individually, with their families, or in groups," the invitation says.

But I expect the competition for inclusion in the compilation, which will have 10 stories by different authors and illustrated by different illustrators, will be tough. There are certainly more experienced creative writers out there in the marke. But I'll take my chances:-)

Deadline is the 31 August 2008.

HEARTLINES has also launched a movement, forgood, which encourages people to take action. If you have a couple of minutes, please check it out at

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