Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fair Lady Spring Collection: Showcasing 14 South African Top Tracks

I usually prefer to work to silence - no TV, music, volume on the phone turned down or off. But today I'm running an experiment and listening to FAIR LADY'S Spring Collection. The magazine publisher is giving away a collection of 14 tracks by South African musicians with its September issue. The tracks include:

1. Sticky Situation by LUNA
2. Over the mountain by ROBIN AULD
3. Anywhere by CHRIS CHAMELEON
4. Sometimes by CASETTE
5. London Sux by THE RUDIMENTALS
6. Best Side by WONDERBOOM
7. Scream by LARA FRANCES
8. Pilgrimage by THE ARROWS
9. Magumbe by CHOPPA
10. Hold on by TUCAN TUCAN
11. Ubuhle Bendoda by CODA
12. O Miles by KARMA
13. Safe as Houses by AKING
14. Spirit is The New Black by THE DIRTY SKIRTS

I'm more of a reader than a music lover. So I'm not very well informed about local music. So listening to these tracks will be a learning experience. Maybe I'll even fall in love with a group along the way? We'll see.

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