Thursday, August 14, 2008

A varied writing week

There were times these past couple of days, when I missed being a journalist for a daily publication. I covered a specific beat; had a lot of time to gain insight into the people and issues.

The writing style was consistent, because I mostly wrote news articles. Even the hours were predictable, and I could pack up at the end of the work day and go home.

Freelance writing is a completely different animal. In just one week, I finished writing electronic security country report, moved onto a profile of an individual, then a two-page advertorial, onto a cover story for an IT monthly magazine for decision-makers, a news article for a newspaper and now I’m trying to wrap up a research report.

There were moments when my brain had difficulty keeping up with the changing subjects and writing styles, and I felt schizophrenic.

But enough complaining – I’m learning new subjects and practicing new styles of writing, which is good for my craft. The variety also ensures I don't get stale any time soon. And I’m also thrilled I have work to do.

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