Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Newtown celebrates Women In Arts

Newtown celebrates Women In Arts, with its programme starting today. August is Woman's Month and all over South Africa, there are events celebrating womanhood and honouring women.

If you live in Johannesburg and love the arts, check out some of the events at the Newtown precint.

The programme kicks off with photography events (Photoshop class, exhibition), moves onto some science events (Sci-Bono Discovery Centre), on to dance and music.

My description is really tame, so please check out the programme. A lot of the events are free, but you may also have to book for some through Computicket.

Thanks to Aso Balan for the heads-up. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to attend the celebrations, as I have guests visiting from US, and we already have a full schedule planned.

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Carma Dutra said...

Hi Damaria,
You are one active lady. I look forward to reading more of your stories.


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