Sunday, September 07, 2008

Digital Citizen Indaba: Creating a podcast people want to listen to

By Jayne Morgan

Jayne's company Podcart produces podcasts for South African businesses. Jayne launched a podcast expaining what podcast is and how it works.

Who in SA is podcasting?

Independents and specialists
  • The ZA Show
  • ZA Tech Show
  • Radio Stations repackage content for content, to attract new listeners and provide value for current listeners. Examples are East Coast Radio and 94.7.
  • Other tarditional media - The Mail and Guardian, The Times
  • Some corporates ( Old Mutual, Woolworths)

Why people like podcasts

  • They can listen when they want, and can skip around to
  • It can be as specialist as you like, can be very niche; tat is something that has been lost in SA
  • So it's a huge oportunity for people to create their own content.
  • It also gives you a feeling of being part of the community.
What makes you listenable?

  • Being famous helps.
  • If you're not famous, you can be fascinating.
  • Be focussed - you cam't try to be all things to all people.
  • Be real - It has to be real content. if it's just water-down advertising, then people will not want to listen to it. Ir's not always easy to keep corporates on straight on narrow on this issue, but it is critical.
  • Be relevant - if you talk about something that is important to your audience. Tap into what people's interests are, right now.
  • Be responsive - if you're putting a podcast together, give it mechanism so your audience can talk to you, and you can respond.


  • Work hard to provide good quality product ( if people can't hear it, they won't listen)
  • Be creative with the audio ( it can be free)
  • Don't talk too much. If you produce a good 10 minute show, consistently, that would be good.
  • Don't call it a podcast - people are slightly nervous of technology they don't udnerstand. Call it something people can relate to.

Some tips for writers

  • Not being aradio producer is not a problem at all
  • It doesn't have to be complicated
  • You can script yourself
  • Get someone to podcast with you, so it's a conversation
  • Listen to how other people have put podcasts together; learn from others

How to market a podcast

  • No one big thing, but lots of small things to do:
  • Create Facebook list
  • Get podcast into podcast directories
  • Email is good way to market podcast, then people can go to link
  • Talk about it, get yourself some coverage
  • Publicise your podcast on traditional media
  • Put URL of podcast at the bottom of your emails

Can you make money?

  • Jayne does, because she makes podcasts for corporates
  • Get sponsorships for the podcasts
  • Create very good content, that builds audience, and that could have ads/sponsors

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