Sunday, September 07, 2008

Digital Citizen Indaba:Andriankoto Ratozamana

Andriankoto is a Madagascan blogger who was supposed to present a session on blogging in a small community. Unfortunately, he did not show up, and a lot of people who know him are worried about him.

Ramon Thomas, a South African blogger and friend of Adriankoto, spent part of the day making phone calls to try to locate him, and has asked his mother to phone the airlines etc to find out if he did leave Madagascar.

Ramon also sent out messages on Twitter, Facebook etc, trying to establish what could have happened.I hope it was a minor travel glitch that prevented Adndrianko from attending the DCI.

Meanwhile, Ramon presented a session about the need for African bloggers to support and assist each other.

He has launched a Google Groups, where bloggers can meet to discuss their issues and challenges.

Check out the group.

I went online immediately and joined up. He also suggests that experienced bloggers mentor those who are just getting started.

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