Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Writer-friendly functionality on Facebook

I’ve finally figured out how to make Facebook work for me. It used to seem like a waste of time, with people sending me applications I had no interest in, or poking me or some silly thing.

This week I spent a couple of hours playing around it, and I found some really useful functionalities. For example, I could claim my blogs, and highlight a specific post that I think might be relevant for my friends. Through this, a number of friends found out about my blog, even left some comments. In future I will link to interesting posts from this blog so new friends can find it.

I was also able to import my LinkedIn resume to Facebook, which means that professional associates can quickly check out who I am and what I do without having to leave Facebook.

In terms of books and writing, I found some good books in friend’s online shelves, that I would like to read. I also did a search of some authors I know, and found that author Chris Van Wyk had number of books out that I hadn’t seen/read yet.

This shows me the strong possibilities for authors to promote their books to their existing networks, get reviewed and be recommended to other readers.

Working from home, Facebook is also turning out to be a good way to stay connected with friends, family and business associates.


Unknown said...

i find facebook is user friendly to stay in touch with a network of people that you work with,as i been involved in music scene for awhile it helped me open more doors and also keep those relationships close

Damaria Senne said...

@Rush - how did it hhelp open doors? So far, I have used it to bring online, and closer, the offline relationships I already had. I tend to be shy about introducing myself through facebook to strangers; I've heard so many horror stories about people who complain that people they don't know/people from their childhood who they were never friends with in the first place suddenly friend them thru facebook.

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