Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monitor your baby via Internet

Just came across a pre-school that allows parents to monitor their children via the Internet.
Opti-Baby Centres feature web enabled cameras that monitor the movement and everyday activities of your child. This offers you the unique opportunity to view your child any time of the day.

I think it’s a fantastic use of technology to give parents peace of mind, so they can periodically view their child wherever they are. I know I would have been grateful for such a facility when Baby was very young, especially the first year she went to pre-school.

I used to call regularly to ask how Baby was doing. Eventually the school secretary came out with the painful truth – Baby was doing just fine in her new environment. Mommy was the one who had very serious separation issues.

But I also wonder about how they work around the legalities of it. Do they make sure I can watch my child only, and do not have access to view other people's kids?

How do parents feel about other people being able to view their kids at pre-school? What kind of security measures do they have in place to ensure that pedophiles don't get the chance to view people's kids in pre-school?

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Anonymous said...

You can hardly see your baby on the Opti-Baby Camera's currently as the resolution is far to low...

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