Wednesday, April 08, 2009

April is my month to write creatively

Long time no hear, neh? Sorry about that. I've been very quiet on this blog because I have been busy with client work and doing a lot of research and outlining for my novel.

The client work:

The OneLove web site is doing swimmingly well. Found the rhythm for the site, the people that I work with have been very helpful, and really, all we need to worry about now is publishing very good content and getting the people to come and join the discussions, take polls and quizzes and generally have a good time.

If you have a minute, join me on the OneLove web site, where I'm the resident hostess.

You can also read some of my IT-related writing in the news section of the web site of the Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering.

April's creative writing plans

As you can see by the word meter at the beginning of this blog, I'm finally ready to talk publicly about my novel. That means, I'm now clearer about the story I'm telling, have finished the research and am now ready to write.

For a very long time I was afraid to speak about the novel. It seemed to me there was a huge chance I would fail - fail to tell an interesting story, fail to finish the novel, fail to publish the novel. And if that was the case, I did not want to do it publicly. So I did a lot of the ground-work so I felt on firm ground before I could speak publicly about it.

So now the plan is that, for the month of April, I write as many words as possible ( after the writing that pays the bills is done).

I don't expect that I will say much about the story itself, but I expect I will speak about the writing process.

This promises to be a great adventure. Thank you for joining me.

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