Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Drafted 6 poems as part of a Poem-A-Day challenge

I have a major gripe with hawkers and assorted people who go from house to house peddling something.

Here's the thing: ringing my gate numerous times even though I do not respond doesn't exactly endear you to me. The noise interrupts me from what my work or whatever household task I'm involved in, and being irritated by the time I answer the main gate, I'm not inclined to buy things from you anyway.

So yeah, I know you can see I'm home, cos the windows are open and the car is out front, but move along if I don't answer on the second ring.

The silence means I checked to see who was ringing my bell, didn't recognise you and don't want to talk to you. Or it could be that I don't even have the money to buy from you even if I was so inclined. So stop wasting your time beating a dead horse and go try peddling your goods elsewhere.

And now to our regular programming.

More creative writing

The creative writing initiative didn't go as well as I liked this week. I did manage to draft six poems for the Poem-A-Day challenge by Writer's Digest.

I don't expect to be able to meet the daily target, but I'd be happy to write 15 poems ( i.e half the number of poems I'd generate if I was more consistent about writing a poem everyday.

The novel writing didn't go well either. So far I've written only a couple hundred words more, which is much less than the daily target that I set.

That said, I take consolation in that things are moving along, however slowly. Eventually, I will finish this novel.

Join the conversation about love, sex, relationships

Lastly, hop on to the web site of the OneLove Southern Africa campaign to read Virginity goes funky?

This is a Q and A I did with a PR professional who chooses to remain a virgin until she marries. She's 27, good-looking and not shy wall-flower either.

The interview was part of my daily content development for the campaign web site. If you have time, also please explore the rest of the site - watch OneLove videos on YouTube, listen to campaign role models talk about why they choose to have one partner, follow OneLove on Facebook and check out some campaign images on Flickr.

You can also join the conversation about love, sex, relationships and HIV by leaving comments on the various articles and posts.


Gaynor Paynter said...

Nice piece Damaria and I like the piece about the hawkers. Same problem here (yes, my doorbell is now fixed, lol) ... and imagine it, I'm a transcriptionist. Doorbells ringing continually really do not gel well with me.

Damaria Senne said...

Glad to hear the bell at the gate works now. That will save you from your original pain, and bring you whole new set of problems.

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