Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Ideal Writing Day

Today I had my ideal writing day: the weather was cool and cloudy, so I could cocoon in my house and write with few interruptions.

The phone hardly ever rang, I didn't have a pressing deadline and I could focus on letting the words flow. Wrote 3 short blog posts for today, and 5 longer articles to be published on Thursday(tomorrow is a public holiday). Also made inroads in a series of profiles that I'm working on.

I was so zen the broken geiser didn't even faze me much. And in-between, I managed to cook a nice rice and chicken casserole meal to combat the cold.

Came across an advert from a new publishing project aimed at young girls aged 16 — 24 years. They say they need writers who are prepared to write short romantic novels. "We need writers who can produce compelling, realistic and believable stories with which the audience can identify."

Not sure I qualify given the requirements that they specified, but BOITSHOKO was a romance of sorts. And I am a writer, and read romantic novels voraciously. Surely that counts, even though my biggest claim to fame really lies in telecommunications?

Wish me luck!

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