Sunday, April 19, 2009

Introducing Ms Lona Lee Hart

One of my best friends since I came out of university, Ms Lona Lee Hart, has launched a blog dishing about her dating adventures.

She describes herself as "delusionally 39, pretty much been there and bought the T-shirt yet hope springs eternal."

In her first blog post, she says:

The challenge of being a single working mom is finding the time to meet suitable men. Hanging over the bar in a pub seems too seedy and standing in the intersection with a sign reading "Man Wanted" is just too needy. Did I hear someone whisper "on-line dating"? Well there is that, and believe me I've tried it - on numerous sites. Unfortunately despite the thousands of men all stating categorically that they are looking for either FUN or a SOULMATE, most seem more keen to keep on trawling daily rather than actually getting to know a real live person.

For those who think it could be the ugliness that is me, I refer you to the profile pic. Just an ordinary gal, not J Lo and not the Hunchback of Notre Dame either. For those who think it could be no personality or a tendency to bitchiness or downright meanness, I have contactable references!

Check out the full post.

It's really fun reading.

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