Friday, May 29, 2009


My cottage tenant woke me up this morning to let me know that my front patio furniture was stolen.

It was a green plastic table and eight chairs, which I used regularly cos I loved sitting on my veranda facing a nice view of the city.

I think it’s someone who cased my home before coming, cos he must have known that my dogs would not bite him. Mr Brown is very big, and he must have known that he’s still a big puppy really, and was no danger.

I’m also assuming the person drove up, or at least 3 people were required, with one carrying the big table and 2 carrying 4 chairs each.

The incident has put me in a very bad mood, though I’m not sure who I’m angry with: the robbers, for stealing my stuff or myself, for having a loophole they could work through ( a waist-high gate I was planning to replace on one side of the perimeter wall).


Corinna said...

I feel angry for you Damaria, since I know that is how I felt on the occasions I have been burgled. One also feels that ones privacy and by extension, one's security has been invaded and broken.
Did your tenant hear something that he woke you up? Shame the dogs did not bark, wonder if the perpetrators of the theft knew the dogs?
As you say, it is worrying that they seemed to have no fear of the dogs, but this often seems the case and if they feel your dogs are fierce they just poison them.
The last time I got burgled up in Jbg, I was soooooo angry I nearly burst into flames! I stood outside and screamed my absolute incandescent rage. If I had seen the thief at that point I would have been a veritable valkrie, a Boadicea and would probably have killed or badly injured him. It was daytime and I had been over the road for a lunchtime toot, and came back to smashed windows and my bedding pulled out through the windows. Grrrrrr.
Take care Damaria.

Joan said...

Hi Sam

That is terrible! It's not so much about the furniture that they stole but the fact that they invaded your home and your privacy. I can vouch for the fact that they know how to get around dogs - they can be very quiet.

We had someone in our house climb through my daughter's window once (fortunately she was not there at the time) - he had time to walk through the house at his leisure, taking my bag, my watch, my bowling bag and who knows what else before my dogs even realised there was someone in the house. And then it was only the little one that reacted - the big ones lay sleeping blissfully :) By the time we realised there had been someone in the house he had gone through the window already.

My heart goes out to you today.


Elsie said...

Hi Damaria

Sorry to hear about this. Take care.


Damaria Senne said...

@Corinna and Joan - thank you so much for your words of comfort. It helps to know that I have you guys to provide emotional support when things go badly wrong like this.

Ms Lona-Lee said...

I am really sorry but I’m glad that what they took they could take from outside the house. Sorry to say but it is likely a neighbour or a workman who knows your place well. Thank God that you and Baby are unhurt. I hope that she is not traumatised by the incident.

Don’t be angry with yourself. You can’t do everything at once. You’re a savvy woman who takes care of business and you should be angry with people who steal rather than yourself.

I’m sending lots of love and hugs and good energy for you. Do be extra vigilant tonight when you lock up and today during the day.

I saw a nifty table in a magazine that you might be able to use in the meanwhile. Take an old door and put it over a pair of workman’s trestles. Covered with a cloth, it looks quite fashionable. Lohini and Lieze used that when they lived together as a dining room table and it was beautiful. You could find mismatched wooden chairs that you paint in one colour or cover the seats in one fabric and use those. They will be too heavy to easily lug away. Alternatively you could get someone to build you a couple long benches cheap or even build one along the wall and use the inside for storage and then use chairs on the ends and the other side of the table.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you're going through.
They held my sister and her family (1yr old and 5 yr old kids were also tied up!) up recently and I'm so upset about it....I'm actually still crying about it!

We've been robbed twice at my parents home. First time was not too bad, took the microwave and some linen.

The second one was bad where they trashed the whole house when we weren't there and took all our valuables, my laptop, etc. Luckily, the guys were caught and I managed to get a few things back.

Damaria Senne said...

Fatima, I'm soo sorry about what happened to you and your family. As you say in your blog, material things can go, but life is precious. And I'm grateful that your family managed to live thru the experience. Thank God!

Pamela said...

Be angry at them!!!

Glad you and Baby and your tenants are fine. It is not nice at all though.

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