Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slow, pain-filled day

I'm going to make it a slow-paced day, today. A tooth I had filled a couple of months ago is aching like you wouldn't believe, and somehow, my jaw is not happy at all.

Have a dentist appointment for today, and I have taken a strong painkiller, but in the meantime, I'm doing whatever work-related tasks I can manage.

On the work-related front, we've finally registered for the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering blog.

So I'm going to spend a lot of time writing up the static pages and timeless feature articles in the next couple of weeks. Launch is planned for the beginning of July.

Please tell all your sofwtare engineer/programmer/geeky friends about the blog once it's launched.

I'm also going to start taking Intro courses on software engineering (the JCSE offers them), so I know what I'm talking about on the blog. That's the beauty of being a writer: you're always learning something new/finding new interests.

And if you have five minutes, please join me on the Onelove web site as we chat about a new study which says that "Widespread sexual violence puts Swazi girls at risk of HIV infection"

As I've previously mentioned,the OneLove aims to get us all talking about our sexual choices in the time of HIV and AIDS.

The campaign is regiona, and is happening in Lesotho (launched in Jan), Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Southh Africa, (launched in Jan) Swaziland,(launched in March), Tanzania (launched in Oct 2008), Zambia (launching on 16 June) and Zimbabwe (launching on 3 June).


Ms Lona-Lee Hart said...

Hey, D, so sorry about the toothache - that is just the worst pain ever. I hope by now the dentist has sorted it out for you. Please tell Baby happy birthday for me - next year she'll be 12, a real important birthday. Not sure what Software Engineering is but glad that you can learn about it. Kids and I are fine and hope you have a pain-free weekend. Love you. said...
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damaria said...

Thanks Pam. For the curious, software engineering is the use of a systematic and quantifiable approach to developing aoftware, using the software and maintaining the software. So, if a company wants a software programme to be developed, the team has to determine what is the software supposed to achieve, what resources do we need to get it done, how do we manage the project and once it works, how do we maintain the it? It also means determining how the team will be managed to work effectively, and how to can make the team bigger or smaller to meet your development needs and still have the capacity you need to get the job efficiently. I hope that's not too much info?

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