Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Special Day

Yesterday I mentioned that today is a very special day for my family. It's Baby's 11th birthday. And the reason I mentioned that Gaynor would know what I'm talking about is that his 11-year old son was also born on the same day, effectively making them twins.

So happy birthday, kids!

Of course the day was hectic yesterday, getting the cake organised for her to take to school and printing invitations to 7 girlfriends she's taking to the movies over the weekend.

The girls are divided: a couple of them want to watch Coraline, while others want to watch 17 Again. I voted for Coraline - it's based on Neil Gaiman's novel of the same name and I think he rocks.

Speaking of entertainment choices, Baby and I have discovered the joy of liking the same books and reading them at the same time.

I have previously mentioned that she loved Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Well, she worked her way through New Moon and she's now half-way through Eclipse. And she loves sharing bits and pieces of the book with me; sharing something that she finds funny or strange etc.

Of course, for the most part she skips the kissing/romantic bits. Too mushy, she says. Or when she doesn't skip them, she reads them as a parody.

Huh! I give her five years and then she'll be ooing and aahing over the romantic bits.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

I typed up a poem titled "Yesterday, today and tomorrow." My 20-year old nephew, Agisanang Mokua, wrote the poem as part of a collection of poetry and lyrics.

Baby is going to use the poem for her solo performance in this year's Eisteadford, which I think takes place in September. Maybe? Gosh, need to double check dates. Anyway, her teacher has already approved the poem, so it's all systems go.

Agisanang is really into romantic poetry and songs, and even though he has no plans to go into the creative arts, I hope he keeps up the writing. If nothing else, it is an outlet to express himself creatively.

Check out Yesterday, today and tomorrow in my African Tales blog. I didn't do any edits or changes; I simply typed it up ad published it as it is, to showcase the raw talent Agisanang has.

As for work-related writing:

Watch this fun video on How to Heal A Broken Heart which I posted on the OneLove web site. The video is aimed mainly at young women, but the humour has universal appeal.

You can also find out how you can get your community involved in the OneLove campaign.

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