Sunday, September 20, 2009

Emails From Dead People

If dead people had email addresses, wouldn't it be intruiging to receive an email from when you expected it to come from, asks Gakwi Mashego on his blog, Kasikulture!

Writer, poet, blogger and somewhat controversial, Gakwi's work is very different from what I usually read. BUT, it's very interesting. On a personal level, Gakwi never fails to make me laugh, or think, with his very unique view of the world. Check out his blog.

Anyhoo, I spent spent a lot of time on Saturday/Sunday outside working in my garden, digging out weeds, preparing a new veggie patch, transplanting tomato seedlings. I also planted cabbage for the first time this year, and it seems to have been a good decision.

And my marigolds were so lovely in April I renamed "merrygolds." I also decided to plant them again this spring.

Oh! And I cut my hair. Completely. There's now a piece of fuzz where my hair should be. It feels fantastic! And I look great, if I do say so myself:-)

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BeckyJoie said...

You cause me to smile with your transparency. I love it! I may check out that blog too. Sounds interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

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