Monday, November 23, 2009

Let’s Name Africa’s Best Books of the Decade - and SA’s Top Ten

Not up to full-scale blogging and giving you an update on what i've been up to. But to touch on the important bits: My mother is better, Baby is doing great and my mind is fried. Nuff said:-)

Lots of voting today

The Read SA campaign is compiling a list of Africa's Best Books Of The Decade - and South Africa' Top 10 Books of The Decade.

You can nominate your favourite books on our Facebook page. And please feel free to link ton the post, or to republish the news. The full article is on the Read SA micro site.

Also, on Wednesday, it’s the finale of Kwanda. In this special final show of the Kwanda series, the teams will come together and find out which team has won the Kwanda audience Prize. If you haven't voted for your favourite team yet, please take a moment to do so. Voting is by SMS.

Finally, I recently met a woman who is on a mission to encourage people to use condoms. She is very passionate about the subject, and quite frankly, makes the decision to use condoms look easy. She is also very easy to talk to, and I couldn't picture her being shy about buying condoms, negotiating with a partner about using it. In fact, she sounded like she could think of a 1000 words to make using condoms exciting. Which got me thinking about how many of us feel about condoms. Do we like them? See them as a necessary evil? Enjoy them? So I set up this poll on the OneLove web site.

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