Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Drink Safe. Live Safe

I've just started a Facebook group for Phuza Wize, the campaign that I've previously mentioned I'm developing a web site for.

Basically, the campaign is about "Violence Prevention Through Alcohol Reduction." The campaign is led by Soul City, the South African partners of the OneLove campaign.

I must say I found their research findings, which informed their campaign strategy, are very disturbing.

Did you know that:

Violence, in particular interpersonal violence, is the major contributor to the high rates of deaths caused by injuries in South Africa?
  • —In 2004, violent deaths counted for 44% of non-natural deaths nationally, a figure substantially higher than most other countries .
  • Amongst males aged 15-44 years in South Africa, interpersonal violence was the second leading cause of death.
  • —Substance abuse is an important risk factor with 53% of fatal and up to 73% of non-fatal violence between people living in urban areas who have been tested and found to have alcohol .
  • —The number of people in South Africa who are being treated to alcohol abuse is higher than the number of people being treated for abuse of other substances.
  • In the first half of 2005, between 47% (Cape Town) and 74% (Durban) of patients receiving treatment had alcohol as a primary or secondary drug of abuse.
  • —Given our rates of fatal injuries, we often refer to SA’s violence as a ‘culture of violence’ – accepted norm in resolving disputes, gaining acceptance and acquiring goods.
  • —The death rate of SA males is 8 times the global average while the death rate of SA females is 5 times greater than the global average.
  • —Alcohol alone is estimated to contribute to 7% to the total burden from death and disability in South Africa (global average is 4%).
  • In South Africa alcohol ranks 3rd in burden of disease and disability after unsafe sex and interpersonal violence.
Anyhoo, if you have been affected by violence caused by the use of alcohol, or have been affected by alcohool abuse, join the Phuza Wize Facebook group.

You can also join the group to support me. Because you want to be nice to me. It feels kinda weird being the only fan of a Facebook page. :P

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Tamara said...

I'm not on Facebook, but I think it's a great idea, Damaria.

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