Monday, March 15, 2010

3 Sites In A Month?

Spent most of the day polishing the Love Stories mini-web site, and I'm happier with it now that I've uploaded movie posters for all 10 films and photos of scenes from the films. It was tedious work, but well worth it once everything was up and running.

Now all I have to do is upload promotional videos each week for the broadcasts on TV. The short film will begin broadcasting in SA on the 24th March.

I also spent time working on the content for the web site for the Phuza Wize campaign. The first associated TV series (Soul City) starts on the 22nd March and while the content of the simple site is almost ready, I still have a lot of work to do to develop the big/main site so it can go live ASAP.

And in my spare time ( LOL), I'm trying to finalise content for a site/social network for emergency/humanitarian organisations. The bulk of the work is currently being done by web developers, because of the need for some unique search and collaboration functionality, but they are now at the stage where they need my input.

On the life front, nothing much happening for now. Baby is going to come up to spend a week with me during her school holidays. I'm so looking forward to that!

I'm also harvesting most of my tomato crop. It's a big crop, so I'm giving away some of it, and will freeze more so I have tomatoes until my next crop is ready.

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