Monday, April 12, 2010

I Benefited From Apartheid – Did You? By Sally Cameron

I was touched by Sally Cameron's post, "I benefited from Apartheid - Did You?"

Sally says: "There are a few responses one can have as a white South African. You can deny that you had any part in it, you can say you did your bit. I was still at school, but did any of us do enough? You can be guilty, but let’s be honest, guilt helps no-one and is immobilizing. You wallow in it and yet nothing changes. People are scared and worried about the future, those with kids worry about their future too, but I believe that our response has to be: To take ownership of how we benefited, regardless of fault, and give back."

Read the full post and please, leave a comment on Sally's post.

P.S. The school holidays are over and Baby has gone back. Writing is going extremely slow.


Tamara said...

Good post. I have left a comment.

Sorry to hear Baby's gone back and writing is slow. I hope the week picks up soon.

Damaria Senne said...


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