Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's Your Community Like?

What is it like where you live? Is it a cluster of houses, where people live, until they can move out somewehere else? Or is it a community, with a history and people who make an effort to work together to improve their lives and build a legacy for their children?

My friend Gaynor manages the Facebook page of the Kensington Residents Association, so while I've occassionally checked the page to see what's going on. But I hadn't realised the amount of chatter that goes on online while we're all working ((grin))

Check out this page to learn more about my world - the history, current happenings and the very talented people who make up this old Johannesburg suburb a community. [ Kensington resident Jean Collen sent the pic above to be published on the community Facebook page. The pic was taken outside Rhodes Park in 1963.]

I also suggest that you and some members of your community band together to start a Facebook page for your community if it's possible. Having this page has really been worthwhile for us, as it helps us meet people in our own physical community, to help and support each other, raise issues of community concern and even share a laugh or two. And real life events have come out of these meetings too.

With regard to work, here are some of the discussions I'm currently hosting:

Kwanda - Tell us about the community you want to improve.

OneLove web site: What would you do if you fell in love with someone else while currently in a committed relationship?

OneLove Facebook - In your view, what is the most effective method to prevent HIV infection?

Love Stories - Did you watch "When The Music Stops" last night? What did you learn/take from the short film?

Read SA -
How do we persuade all those expats in the UK to read South African writing? Hold a mass sit-in in Wimbledon? Any ideas? (Some PR would be nice, too.)

Don't forget to mail books to Andrew Davids, the gentleman I blogged about some time back, who was requesting books for his community. And if possible, please blog about this request too?

Send the books to
Andrew Davids
1 Bo- Street
Zoar, Ladismith(WCP)
Email Andrew at


duettists said...

A most interesting article. Thank you for posting it.

po said...

Well this expat in the UK always reads SA writing!

I think the biggest problem, actually wait there are two big problems. Books are nearly double the price in SA as in the UK - first problem. Second problem is obviously the postage. I've bought a few SA books online, and the service was excellent but obviously it becomes a pretty costly epxerience for a paperback. Maybe the way forward is electronic downloads?! I personally like books. But I reckon most expats are homesick like crazy, like me, and we would love to read SA writing!

Damaria Senne said...

@po - I like your take on communities (

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