Friday, April 30, 2010

Old Shopping Methods For A Modern Woman

My friend Ronny took me grocery shopping yesterday, and it was a different experience from how I normally do it. But then, we were going to his places, not my usual haunts (i.e we didn't go to the 2 malls that are within a kilometre from my house).

We actually went to the Jorbug CBD, and into funny looking shops and markets I didn't even know existed, and we got great bargains. For example, we bought enough rice, sugar and maize meal to last me until next year, I'm sure, a whole lamb ( ja, the whole animal cleaned and cutted) for about R500 and a box of eggs (15 dozen eggs inside) for R125.

Don't ask what I'm going to do with that many eggs. Lots of egg dishes are in my future (LOL), but I've already found them to also be a great gift for friends. Another friend came over to bring me a couple of bottles of herbal body lotions and I felt so much better being able to add eggs to my organic vegetable gift basket in appreciation. And ja, I am realising that I have inadvertently started bartering stuff with friends and neighbours, without us actually discussing it much. It's nice!

In terms of work, here are some discussions that I'm currently hosting. Please join them and share your views:

- My friend Gaynor is talking about what the residents of Kensington are doing to make their suburb beautiful, and urging other communities to also work to beautify their communities.
ReadSA - What are you doing to promote reading in your community? If you're not doing anything yet, what do you want to do?
OneLove - If a man takes care of his family & makes sure that his wife and children have all their material needs met, then what he does outside of marriage is no one's concern. What do you think of this belief?


Tamara said...

Bartering is awesome. You can also use up eggs with some baking. Plus, most baked goods can be frozen and then just thawed when you need them. I often bake in bulk when I get the time and freeze for later use.

Damaria Senne said...

Thanks for the idea. Have a lot of birthdays coming up in May and June, and it will be lovely to bake for the celebrations.

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