Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Readers Remember Us Even When They Don't Visit

A reader I communicated with over ten months ago recently emailed me to give an update on her life and the challenges that she faces, and it was heartening to realise that the people that we impact through our blogging don't forget us.

Sometimes we don't hear from them for a long time; but it does not lessen the positive change we can make in their lives. Thank you, Hummingbird, for reminding me of this.

Spent a quiet weekend mostly at home, with some local friends popping in and out. I needed to regroup after the socialising of the past week or two, and it was nice to sleep in and have no major plans whatsoever.

While ghosting around my home, I realised that I've neglected my garden quite a bit lately. Thankfully, nature is quite resilient and some of the seeds from previous crops have germinated ad started to sprout.

So it looks like my garden will continue to grow through my temporary neglect. I also managed to pick a few herbs and chilli to give to some friends. Pity I can't eat chilli because of my ulcer. The bushes are very happy and yielding quite a lot. Thank you, Priscilla, for the seedlings!

Work is chugging along, but a lot of new assignments are still up in the air. And even though a number of people have spoken about sending more work my way, I'll feel better when it's all signed and dusted.

I do have some exciting news coming up regarding Kwanda Klothing. The short story is that an online store is in development and you will soon be able to buy some items, including T-shirts, online. This will happen in time to be able to sell during the World Cup season. Yay!

Chat later!

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