Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making Friends

So I recently found out that a gay fiction writer whose work I enjoy is actually South African. It was a very pleasant surprise, especially when I emailed her and she wrote back and we started chatting etc.

It got me thinking about gay fiction publishing in SA-do we actually read it; do we hide that we do, what we know of it, are we prejudiced against it and the people who write it, do we recognise that there are various genres within gay fiction?(Detective stories, fantasy, romance etc?) Or do we have it in our heads that it's all smut?

I'm curious. Talk to me: tell me your thoughts about gay fiction in general and in SA in particular.

Anyhoo, Baby went back to school this week, since she broke her leg. She's better able to move with her crutches, so back to school she went. Except, it doesn't sound like her school is actually geared towards the disabled ( even temporary ones). What a time to find out!

As for me, writing was OK today. I'm working on copy for the next edition of an organisational newsletter. And on OneLove, we're still talking about whether two people who previously had an affair when one of the partners was married can actually stop and become platonic friends (N.B ex remains married to the partner they cheated on).

My feeling is, why complicate life by attempting it? I'm not saying that this person could not be a good friend. But why would hold onto an ex and call him a friend, when you can have other friends with less potential to damage other people?

Usually in these situations, the spouse who was being cheated on needs to know that the affair is over and the other partner is no longer close to their partner and poses no risk to their healing and re-building trust.

What do you think?


po said...

I guess I don't actively seek out gay fiction, but I would any book that is good, about gay people or not!

Anonymous said...

I didn't even realise I was in the gay section when I stumbled across it. To be honest I've only read one gay section book in my life- as far as I remember... and it was awfully written- like you could almost tell it was a straight person trying to defame gay people so I haven't actively sort out to read one since then. I liked the children's book they had too- it was so cute.

I didn't know there were different genres. Exclusive books has only one dedicated shelf and its mostly filled with autobiography's. I steer clear of autobiography's in general- just in case one coughs on me. [I have a strange, lingering and thriving apathy toward autobiographys.]

Damaria Senne said...

@paula - I also don't like autobiographies much.

Damaria Senne said...

@paula - I also don't like autobiographies much.

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