Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Check Out "Men of the South" By Zukiswa Wanner

Spent part of the afternon yesterday with my friend Zukiswa Wanner, who released her third novel Men Of The South on 1 June. Many thanks, Zuki, for the autographed copy. I'm going to read the book, and then review it here.

For more information about Men Of The South, visit the book page on the publisher's web site.

If you are looking for a new (to you) author to try, get yourself a copy of Men Of The South from Exclusive Books and, among other outlets.

Zukiswa is also the author of "The Madams," and "Behind Every Successful Man"

Zukisa and I also chatted about READ SA ( her brainchild) and some of the activities planned for the rest of the year. You'll be happy to hear that the READ SA campaign is moving forward very rapidly . Now that READ SA is a registered non-profit organisation, we have an office at Wits University, and plans are underway to set up offices in Cape Town and Durban.

If you'd like to volunteer your services at the READ SA office near you, email me at and I'll make sure the right people get your details so they can get in touch with you.

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Thanks for the book tip!

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