Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lots Of Meetings

Had an early morning meeting with the potential client ( for the corporate web site I mentioned earlier that it was in the pipeline), and she knew exactly what she wanted from me and what I can provide her, so it was easy to come to a verbal agreement. Before mid-day she'd sent me a contract, which was nice because:
a) It gives me a measure of security to know the deal is finalised and the work and the terms are spelled out very clearly
b) It's a really BIG project and a nice addition to my portfolio. Many thanks to my friend and former colleague, for the recommendation. Much appreciated!

Sent out interview questions to three more company executives. This whole BizTech Africa thing is turning out to a Q and A series, which is good because all I have to do is study the companand ask relevant questions.

Finally found a service that will host the books I wanted to upload as large files. Tested it and made sure that users will be able to get the download link directly, rather than having to go through the download page for each book that the service offers.

If this service works well for me, I'm going to upload all the other books on it. It would be lovely not to have to worry about a document size before making it available online....

Met with a friend of a friend, who's also a writer, for lunch. This friend of a friend is a scriptwriter for a popular daily soap. No, I'm not looking to change my medium to write for TV! And by the sounds of it, it's a dog eat dog business which I'm not sure I have the nerves for. But my new acquiantance lives 10 minutes from my house & occassionally does magazine and copywriting work, and it never hurts to expand one's network.

Also met with an editor of a magazine soon after the meeting with the writer. ( Yes, I do batch my meetings, so I can get them all over and done with and can spend quiet days at home writing:-). She promised to include me in her roster of potential writers for her pub. Which reminds me, apparently I have an article in last month's issue of REAL magazine. I haven't seen the magazine, so I'm not sure. A friend of mine says she saw it. Huh! Need to buy a copy:-)

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